Payment & Delivery

You can pay for cryptocoins with Bitcoins or Monero. Monero coins in stock are available for immediate purchase and usually shipped within a week or so. If there are no coins in stock you can pre-order.

Normally we tell a postal service that a parcel contains not expensive souvenir token(s) to simplify customs clearance and minimize possible duty costs.

We can ship internationally to the majority of the countries. There are two options for delivery available: free shipment and express shipment. Free shipment can take usually from two to six weeks. Express shipment is powered by DHL and can take just few days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to activate a Cryptocoin?

Activation is not obligatory. But activation ensures that each coin is genuine and pristine. It’s not possible to activate the coin with same ID again. After activation you will be able to bind your Cryptocoin to Bitcoin, Litecoin and Doge wallets. You can activate a coin for yourself or for another person (for example if you want to give the coin as a gift).

Can I transfer already activated Cryptocoin to another person?

Yes. You can do it any time from My Coins menu by clicking Change Owner button. After the transfer is complete the new owner will get an access to this coin from his account at For security purposes he should rebind it again.

Can I bind a Cryptocoin to a paperwallallet?

Yes. You can bind it to any existing Bitcoin, Litecoin, Doge address of your choice and see a total balance in your personal account.

How about the Monero wallets?

Moneromooo has kindly added an optional user supplied entropy to his offline wallet generator available at So now it's possible to use it with Monero coin IDs (+ a password for more security) to create a new cold storage associated with it. There is a field Custom entropy. Just fill in your coin IDs and a password, for example: 1Fe58dA D7auQk6 your_password and click Generate wallet! For additional security you can download the source code from original repository and do it locally at offline computer.

Is it safe to use custom entropy?

Yes, it can be safe if used properly. Cryptonic base58 coin IDs generated randomly in accordance with proposed standard for physical coins that may represent funds on the Monero network. They have ~81 bits of entropy. To increase the security and minimize risks please use a strong password or passphrase together with coins IDs and do not expose it as well as your coin IDs. You can also choose your own way of entering coin IDs mixed with your own passphrase(s) in any order as you like in custom entropy field. Just memorize it well or right down securely! More detailed explanation can be found in this discussion.

Do I need cryptonic site to create or access the Monero wallet?

No. With a help of the offline wallet generator, your coin IDs + password is your deterministic key to create or restore a Monero wallet.

How can I spend from my Cryptocoin?

You can simply use any wallet software of your choice. If you bind a coin to wallet you can spend directly from your personal account at if you want.

Are my secret keys safe with your service?

Yes. We do not touch your secret keys in any way. We neither keep nor ask you about it.

Can I loose control of my Cryptocoins in case go offline?

No. Your coin and all linked to it public addresses are totally independent from cryptonic. You manage your wallets yourself any way you want.

What is the validation of Cryprocoins?

If you click Validate Cryptocoin and fill in the coin IDs you will get information about this coin (its features, total number of coins in this batch and the date of production).

About Cryptonic project and Cryptocoins

Cryptonic is as an ultimate source of materialized Cryptocoins. The Cryptonic Cryptocoin is a best digital gift in the real life. The gift intended for your beloved ones or yourself in the present and the future.

Intrinsic value of the Cryptonic Cryptocoins is going to rise in the future as there will be just very limited number of physical coins released for each batch with a unique design. So the future collectible value of the Cryptonic Cryptocoins is essential.

Cryptonic Cryptocoins have different faces but the same inner nature. At this moment they are available as physical Moneroj and Bitcoins. You can bind any Cryptocoin to any or all cryptocurrencies of your choice from the following: Bitcoin, Monero, Litecoin and Doge.

The first batch of Cryptonic physical Bitcoins have been produced in the end of 2014 from brass with silver and gold plating. The first batch of physical Monero 2014 was brass silver plated.

By now 91 pure silver 0.999 Monero coins minted in total. Next batch is expected to be released somewhere in 2016. Thank you very much for your support and making this little project possible. Cryptonic Bitcoins were inspired by impetuous expansion of the Bitcoin infrastructure and devoted to the future upswing of the Bitcoin price directly to the Cryptomars. Cryptonic Monero were inspired by a dream about financial freedom for everyone. We believe that Monero has a bright future.